TechTools4.pngThis isn't the time to use technology to refine the model we had before; this is a time to harness technology to let children go as far and as fast as they want." --Stephen Heppel is the online learning site that specializes in video lessons on top Internet products. Visitors to the site can expand their knowledge of sites like Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, and WordPress, or just learn a bit more about netiquette and online marketing.

  1. Need help and student ready instructions for your graphing calculator? Check our Graphing Calculator Help page.
  2. Need an online calculator that you can use with your LCD projector, on your Smart Board, or on your Promethean Board? Try the one at No downloads, no special hardware, no cost. Welcome to the next generation graphing calculator! . lconley86 (on twitter) recommends this calculator and to "be sure to check out Projector Mode in the Options tab. It's magical! :)"
  3. Check out these mortgage calculators recommended by Adam (from Seatle) at:
  4. A good number line generator...The number line can then be used in Word handouts, test, online, etc.
    To see how to use it go to:
    To go straight to the number line generator go to:
  5. Tips for Tech-Cautious Teachers - an article in [[#|Education Week]] Teacher
  6. (np) Skype activity with Mystery Numbers -
  7. (NP) Twitter: Have you thought about using Twitter in your class? View this video to get some reasons to use it, how to use it, iHeldeas and some examples. Twitter in Education and How to use Twitter in the Classroom without Compromising Your Professional Relationship with your [[#|students]] - and here is a a slide show with good information: and there is a handbook for teachers at:
  8. (NP) Pinterest for Teaching and Learning - "The striking, clean visuals and the bulletin board model are sure to appeal to educators, and it certainly has value as a curation tool -- a digital way to save and organize all those little bits of goodness you find online." Watch a video about using Pinterest in Education - see my Pinterest Boards at:
  9. (NP) Do you have an interactive whiteboardin your classroom? Here are some good resources.
  10. (NP) Consider using QR Codes in your classroom
  11. (NP) Using Wikis in your classroom
  12. (NP) Google Tools for teachers and students - classroom tools, professional development, student resources and more -
  13. NEW Game creation tools - create a game or have your students create one with these resources -
  14. Tech Resources wiki -
  15. (GL) Edmodo ( is slowly become and integral part in my efforts to follow the new Common Core Standards. Not only is it helping me begin to integrate technology into the math classroom, but it also is allowing me to teach my students to develop their math language. Here's how:
    • Any Facebook addict (which in today's age includes most of the teenage and young adult population) will find that Edmodo looks and works very similar to their favorite social networking website. It provides the opportunity for students to contact me more efficiently and quickly than they could by email.
    • Though I do also think it could use more features (including question randomization) I find the Edmodo quiz feature extremely useful. My students overall performed very well, and were able to provide me their immediate feedback to the quiz (such as if they felt it was hard or they needed more time). Even though it is difficult to type math problems into the computer (and yes, an equation editor or creator would be nice) the feature is very good for asking the students for definitions, examples and procedure. I feel it is very important that students can learn to "speak math" and this is an important aspect of the CCSS.
    • I truly feel this website is worthwhile and I suggest that other's try to utilize it as well. Below is a link providing several different things teachers can do with Edmodo:
  16. (KR) - is great resource for both students and teachers. There are also resources and lessons provided for teachers, and the best part? It is completely free for teachers! Making an account allows all their students to have access to full versions of the math interactive review games as well so students that need extra help at home can come to this website and choose among the copious amounts of games and topics this website offers. Definitely woth checking ou!