Green Apples – Assignment #2

Part I: One of the most important skills that a math teacher needs is the ability to look at student work and
  • Know what questions to ask
  • Identify what students understand and misunderstand, and
  • What actions to take in response to the work.

Experience and practice help with this but as you begin, this part takes some time and some help to become better at it.

A. To get started, visit and see what you can learn.

B. Carefully choose 2 different problems to submit with a student’s work to get some feedback – preferably from two different classes. (Post one no later than Sunday, Nov. 11 and the other before you leave for Thanksgiving break - earlier is better for both!) Please make sure that you
  1. Include the course that the problem was given in.
  2. Type or scan the problem being solved.
  3. Include the student work. Rewrite or type the student’s solution if it is hard to read. Never include a student's name - black it out or put a post-it on it before you scan it.
  4. Email your problem/student work to - in the subject include the words: Student Work - Green Apples. Then we'll get the discussion rolling!
C. Post at least one observation/comment on any 5 of the 6 problems that you didn't post before your final eval conference.

Part II: Add at least 2 more resources in each of the curriculum areas that you are teaching in (a minimum of 6 posts with short descriptions) – remember to include your initials and keep track of them to submit with your final eval. These can be any of the following – please don’t forget to include a short description. Let me know if you have something that I haven’t listed.

  • websites
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • Upload a SMART Board notebook lesson or game that you created – include a page with objectives for the lesson at the beginning or at the end.
  • Upload a PowerPoint lesson that you created – include a slide with objectives for the lesson at the beginning or at the end.
  • Upload a lesson plan for a great lesson that you wrote and taught (upload the entire plan – don’t copy it all on the page, only give a description with objectives on the Green Apples page and a link to the file)

Part III – Post two other resources on GreenApples.

1st Assignment:

During the quarter and before midterms
  1. Manipulatives:
    1. Go to - read the information on the page and the article by Marilyn Curtain on Manipulatives - The Missing Link in High School by Marilyn Curtain-Phillips, M.Ed.
  2. This quarter, write a lesson plan (and hopefully teach it this quarter) and add to the examples on . I've added one to give you an example.
    1. Place your intials in parentheses before you begin your example.
    2. State the course/subject matter
    3. If possible, write about the lesson without the use of the manipulative
    4. List the manipulatives/tools necessary for your "new" lesson
    5. Describe the lesson
    6. Give tips for the lesson that you found helpful.
    7. Address any of the CCSS Math Practices that students are able to exhibit throughout the lesson.
  3. Resources - Add a minimum of five (5) resources to the wiki. They can be web links with short descriptions in the course links in curriculum, or you can upload a lesson plan or file and link to it on a page, or add ideas for closing activities or anything else on the wiki. Always precede it with your initials in parentheses and give a short description of the resource. Keep a list of where I can find these posts and submit them to me via email once you have done at least 5. (see examples in Algebra, Geometry, and Probablity/Statistics, Math in Literature)