1. PreCalcCollAlg.png(NP) My pinterest site has a lot of cool activities, sites and resources for Pre-Calculus/College Algebra/math teachers - http://pinterest.com/napmath/
  2. (NP) Logarithms - Brief [[#|history]] and video with a link to another video. http://www.jamestanton.com/?p=553
  3. (PJ) An interesting link to an artist who makes curving, sweeping, parabolic sculptures using string. Great for supplementing how conic sections can be made by lines meeting the directrix sort of [[#|deal]], or for the tangent lines to a curve if you are doing derivatives in Calculus. http://www.gabrieldawe.com/index.html
  4. (PJ) A great resource for discussing where large degree polynomials can be used in real life. MIT students took data on how a synthesizer can seamlessly change the timbre of one instrument into another, the catch is that they are playing the same note at the same volume. The site includes audio clips so you can hear what is happening! click here!
  5. (PJ) This is a link to the first in a short debate series about the numbers pi and e, so if you are covering topics that [[#|deal]] with either of these numbers, this would be a really funny resource for students to watch on their own if they have extra time. The whole program is somewhat lengthy, so consider yourself warned, but overall the whole idea and the interaction between the two professors is quite entertaining. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  6. (PJ) A great game to play to review the rules for exponents, it is played very similarly to connect 4, but you can have up to three players (possibly even [[#|more]] if you made a larger board). I linked the different parts that you would need to implement this activity. Cards Game Board Rules
  7. (GL) Quadratic Equations - This is a very involved lab used to introduce students to quadratic equations (C Slattery, A Franks, 2010) http://teacherweb.com/NY/Arlington/MrSlattery/A1-Quadratics-Lab-112811.pdf
  8. (GL) This website is a great resource for teachers. It has fun games for students to do. I like the game where the results of [[#|your]] answers provide you the part of the link you have to enter to reach the next page. http://mathbits.com/MathBits/TeacherResources/PreCalculus/PreCalculusT.html

  9. (GL) Online math learning's Precalculus section has a lot of different resources for teachers. There are several different videos teachers can look at themselves as a resource or have the kids watch in class. At the very least, teacher can provide this website as an added resource for students http://www.onlinemathlearning.com/precalculus.html.