People have been studying and doing math for a long time -- from the geometry and logic of the Greek era of the Mediterranean, the numeracy of the Hindus in India, the development of algebra by Islamic scholars in Baghdad, to the explosion of knowledge and learning in Europe after the invention of movable type. The history of mathematics is very interesting. Mathematicians tend to have a personality, think outside the box, and overcome some incredible roadblocks!
Here are some great resources as you prepare your lessons.

Women in Math


History of Math Timelines

  1. Math history timeline from Wichita State University - http://www.math.wichita.edu/~richardson/timeline.html
  2. Interactive timeline of mathematics - Scroll around on the timeline above to find a mathematician, then click on the thumbnail to find out more! http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/8517
  3. History of math and theoretical physics - http://superstringtheory.com/history/index.html
  4. History of Calculus - Click on the picture in the timeline and it will link you to information about that person/event. - http://www.mhhe.com/math/calc/smithminton2e/cd/tools/timeline/
  5. History of math for kids - http://www.kidsmathgamesonline.com/facts/history.html

History of Math

  1. Math and its inventions - There is a history of mathematics, a relationship between mathematics and inventions, and mathematical instruments are considered inventions. http://inventors.about.com/od/mstartinventions/a/History-Of-Mathematics.htm
  2. MacTutor History of Mathematics - events and mathematicians - http://www-history.mcs.st-and.ac.uk/
  3. History of Mathematics - http://www.math.tamu.edu/~dallen/masters/hist_frame.htm

Famous Mathematicians

  1. Famous Mathematicians for kids - http://www.kidsmathgamesonline.com/facts/famousmathematicians.html
  2. Greatest mathematicians of all times - http://fabpedigree.com/james/mathmen.htm
  3. Mathematician of the Day - http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Day_files/Now.html

Women in mathematics

  1. Photo gallery of women in mathematics with brief bios from MAA on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/maaorg/sets/72157626093266357/
  2. Biographies of women mathematicians form Agnes Scott College - http://www.agnesscott.edu/lriddle/women/women.htm
  3. Five female mathematicians you should know via the Smithsonian - http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/five-historic-female-mathematicians-you-should-know-100731927/?no-ist
  4. History of Black Women in Mathematics via the State University of New York at Buffalo - http://www.math.buffalo.edu/mad/wohist.html

Math History Videos

  1. History of math with the emphasis on the development of numbers - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy-8lPVKLIo length: 7:04 minutes
  2. Entire Playlist of math history videos - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDBdT1Dl_QY&list=SPpZ37hTMrZpccrlt50C3Di7RmjgPGW8z8&src_vid=rDBdT1Dl_QY&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_1287617047
  3. My classroom videos on pinterest: - http://www.pinterest.com/napmath/videos-for-the-classroom/
  4. BBC - History of Mathematics 4 part series