Videos.jpgVideos can serve many purposes in math classes.
They can be used to
  • catch students' attention at the beginning of a unit or lesson,
  • shown for instruction,
  • used to show applications of concepts being taught,
  • used to get lesson ideas,
  • helpful to learn a topic deeper and in several ways to make it easier to teach,
  • and even more.

Need to use a YouTube Video (, Teacher Tube Video (, or School Tube Video ( Consider downloading the video to avoid inappropriate ads or videos showing up in class or in case the Internet is slow or down during your class period. Make sure to login to these sites before trying to download the videos.... otherwise you might only be able to download the ads that preceed the video. I like using Real Player to download the videos. It is a free download on the web!

RealMathNeon.gifThere are several places on the Internet to find quality videos on the web.
  1. Resources for videos and a great assignment to use with them -
  2. A FREE online tool that brings industry challenges and professional perspectives into the classroom and empowers #STEM teachers through video case studies
  3. A great search for videos - Mobento allows you to search by category, organization producing the video, speakers,and length of video. You can refine your search by combining selections from each of those menus.
  4. HegartyMaths videos:
  5. "Mathematics is about making sense of the world." Oh so TRUE - a must see!
  6. Math in the Movies - This site houses a collection of movie clips in which mathematics appears. To view the movies in a larger mode or on the iPhone/iPad or to even add one of the clips into a presentation, choose the QuickTime iPod version. Currently they are .m4v files.
  7. The Futures Channel - Videos are about 2.5 - 6 minutes long with a few exceptions that might be longer. Many have lessons and or activities that can be used in combination with the video. Sign up for their weekly newsletters to find the currently showing videos.
    • Problem sets and additional resources to use with movies on the Futures Channel
  8. 8 Videos that Prove that Math is AWESOME! - and other Stem videos
  9. Video Lectures in Mathematics - This website contains visual links to a broad range of math videos. For daily tweets and links to interesting math websites, follow mathematicsprof.
  10. WatchKnowLearn- "WatchKnowLearn has indexed over 33,000+ educational videos, placing them into a directory of over 3,000 categories. The videos are available without any registration or fees to teachers in the classroom and to students at home 24/7."
  11. WOW - Over 500 videos that explain and demonstrate solving problems in Algebra I, Algebra II, and Calculus.
  12. High School Teachers and Students doing Math Raps - a sample of good You Tube videos from Trever Reeh's blog - Math Techniques and Strategies -
  13. Flatland the Movie on Vimeo
  14. These videos are a great resource for a refresher for a teacher or a supplemental resource for students. Salman Kahn has made videos to make mathematics as basic as arithmetic and as complex as calculus easier to digest than your average textbook.
  15. (KR) Pythagorean's Theorem - This YouTube video is a great short clip to show students the meaning behind Pythagorean's Theorem. Students don't visualize the WHY the sides are squared and how the sums of the bases squared is equivalent to the hypotenuse squared. This video really demonstrates the Theorem and is intriguing enough for students to use as a memory tool.!
  16. Check out Movie Clips for hooks for lessons at
  17. Find more math movies here from @hegartymaths -
  18. Teacher Tube has some high quality videos on a lot of subjects. Check and as they say on their Twitter Profile - "Teach the World."
  19. Videos from WSHS math - these are fun while being educational! Watch and subscribe to their video channel on YouTube!!!
  20. Logarithm Rap