Free SoftwareTechTools4.png

  1. Google - there are many resources for teachers
    • 3DVinci - download Google Sketchup and get started with these 3D projects, complete with teacher guides -
    • Google Earth - download this software to create virtual trips, street-view maps, 3D buildings and maps, link to maps/tours directly from your SMART board, and much more
  2. (np) Geogebra - Interactive graphics, algebra, and spreadsheets at all levels (elementary to college), and a lot of free learning materials.
  3. (PJ) I have used this graphing tool extensively when I need to create a sharp looking graph for my smartboard files, just taking a screen shot and cropping the image to size works wonders. The input style is what I thought was really convenient.

Software worth investigating/purchasing

  1. Key Curriculum Press software for math
  2. Cabri II and Cabri 3D -