Did you know that GeoGebra is a part of SMART Notebook 14 that is due out in April, 2014? Here is a quick overview. For even more information, visit http://SmartBoardSmarty.wikispaces.com

  1. (NP) My pinterest site has a lot of cool activities, sites and resources for Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) - SMART Boards, Promethean Boards, and interactive websites to use on your IWBs - http://pinterest.com/napmath/
  2. SMART Board Files and more - http://SmartBoardSmarty.wikispaces.com
  3. Promethean Board Files and more - http://ActivInspireAdventures.wikispaces.com
  4. Over 20 complete math/science K-12 courses for SMART Boards from The Center for Teaching and Learning in New Jersey - lessons correlated to the Common Core Math Standards can be downloaded http://njctl.org/courses/ - SMART Notebook will allow you to open these files, which contain direct instruction and embedded formative assessment. SMART Notebook is Interactive Whiteboard Software produced by SMART Technologies. Product keys for the SMART Notebook software are available for those wishing to use CTL course materials. Please fill out the form on this page to gain access to the product keys -