important info.pngPriorities get crazy when you teach - you have lessons to plan, papers to grade, the students to guide, .... oh and a personal/family life as well. Here are some things to help you put things in order. They are a MUST read for ALL Teachers and might be worth revisiting from time to time throughout your career!

  1. A Teacher’s Guide to Working With Principals - Seven secrets to a healthy relationship with your boss.

  2. READ: The Myth of the Super Teacher - Remember the story of the Mayonaise Jar!

  3. WATCH the video: The Myth of the Super Teacher - Roxanna Elden, Hialeah High School teacher. Every new teacher needs 3 things. Find out what they are!

  4. Make Me or Break Me - a poem from See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers, by Roxanna Elden -

  5. Why do some teachers burn out? Read Seven Reasons Teacher Burn Out so you can avoid burning out yourself?

  6. What teachers can be. Motivational and Mindful Mantras for Teachers

  7. Here are the things that stand out about this profession and the incredible people who devote their careers to teaching and learning: