Voki Avatars

Here's the link to Voki to make your avatar: http://www.voki.com/

Add one to your SMART Notebook: http://smartboardsmarty.wikispaces.com/Voki+Avatar

Add one to your Promethean flipchart: http://activinspireadventures.wikispaces.com/Add+a+Voki+Avatar

Tear it up -series and limits_1.jpgTear it UP! Investigating Geometric Series, Limits, Fractions visually!

Here's a PowerPoint to use with the Activity:

ISU Activities_8.pngQR Code - Scavenger Hunt and more

Download Setting up a QR Code Scavenger Hunt
Download Mystery Mathematician QR Code Scavenger Hunt
Quadrilateral QR Scavenger Hunt
file as a .pdf: file as a SMART board file:
Here is link to even more QR Scavenger Hunts: http://classtechtips.com/2012/10/19/qr-scavenger-hunts/ and http://classtechtips.com/2012/12/05/658/

Link to Class Tools to make the QR Codes: http://www.classtools.net/QR/
Snapguide - How to create a QR adventure challenge: http://snapguide.com/guides/create-a-qr-adventure-challenge/

What else can I do with QR Codes?

Things to remember when doing group work/group activities

Videos and Aquarium Problems

ISU Activities_16.pngLink to The Futures Channel - Sign up for the free email newsletters announcing videos available and view weekly videos. http://thefutureschannel.com/

1-page assignment for the movies for students:
Download 6 Aquarium Problems -

Other sources for math videos for your classroom: http://greenapples.wikispaces.com/Math+Videos

Openers and Bell Ringers

Why have a good opener and what makes a good opener?
  • Grabs students' attention
  • Connects the real world to the math content
  • Gives students a reason to pay attention and learn the material
  • Makes the learning more fun with a creative opener - like a jigsaw puzzle, a video, a cartoon, an activity, etc.
  • Can engage students
  • Doesn't give students a chance to tune out before they tune in!
  • More on openers and bell ringers - http://greenapples.wikispaces.com/Bell+Ringers

Ways to get student feedback if you don't have clickers in your classroom but have access to computers, smartphones, ipads or tablets, ipod touch - http://greenapples.wikispaces.com/Questioning+and+Engaging+Students
  1. PollEverywhere
  2. Socrative
  3. Xtreme Collaboration with SMART boards

BONUS - if you've made it to the bottom of this page - congratulations and enjoy these 13 math jokes that every mathematician finds absolutely hilarious!

Other resources: