Finding an effective way to show and communicate a student's individual progress typically comes in the form of grades. But,
    1. How effective are grades?
    2. Are grades a way to "sort" students? If so, why?
    3. Who are the grades for? The student? The parents? The administrators? The teacher?
    4. What do they tell parents? students? teachers? administrators?
    5. Do you or should you add comments that help students and parents understand what is going on with a student's ability to think and learn?
    6. Is the only time to share these comments with parents at the end of a grading period?
    7. Are grades (with or without comments) an effective way to communicate with parents?
    8. Do grades motivate students to try harder and learn more?
    9. Do grades promote the independent thinking necessary to be successful in the world outside of school?

Unfortunately, I don't think there are any correct answers but each question is definitely worth a great discussion. Join this wiki, add to the discussion, and share your ideas.

Here are some things to look at: