1. Calc.png(NP) Introduce limits at any level with the Tear It Up! activity. http://smartboardsmarty.wikispaces.com/Download+a+Notebook+File#Calculus Read about it in my blog at: NAPmath
    Tear it up -series and limits_1.jpegDownload the complete lesson in several forms: Lesson on the SMART Board -
    or as a .pdf file
    SMART Notebook:
  2. (NP) My pinterest site has a lot of cool activities, sites and resources for Calculus/math teachers - http://pinterest.com/napmath/

  3. (NP) Eating Volumes: Delicious Lessons in Calculus
  4. (NP) David Little's Amazing iPad/iPhone/IpodTouch App for Calculus - flexible, easy to use, visuals that can be viewed from many angles. It's more than worth the $0.99 that it costs. A LITTLE Calculus is a collection of more than 70 interactive topics from a first year calculus course and meant as a great supplement for students and teachers.
  5. Little App.jpgLittle App2.jpg