Assessments.pngAssessments are a hot topic in education. They have been a topic in the past. Standardized tests and the Common Core have brought it to the forefront again. Content of the test, types of questions, and methods of testing will be discussed here.

Students with special needs and Assessments

Many students have individual learning plans (IEP's) that require someone to read the test questions to students. This often times takes students out of the classroom to take their tests with an adult who could (with nothing but good intentions) influence a student's answers and extra man hours to perform this task. Technology has brought new tools to address students' needs. Here's an option for making "talking tests" and allow students to take their tests with headphones and stay in the class.
Read a Test to Students without Saying a Word:

Formative Assessment

It is important to assess student's understanding throughout a lesson - before the test! This is done using formative assessments. These are often thought of as quizzes, however, they include good questioning, exit slips, polls of student ideas, questions, and thoughts, and more! Here are some ideas and resources for formative assessments.
  1. Closing Activities for the Classroom to keep students engaged -
  2. Nancy Powell's Assessment Pinterest Board -
  3. Becky Rahm's Formative Assessment Pinterest Board -
  4. (NP) Here's one of my favorite warmups that is also a type of formative assessment:

Summative Assessment

Unit tests, projects, performance assessments, standardized tests, and the new assessments being developed for the Common Core can all be considered Summative Assessments! Here are some resources.
  1. CCSSM Sample items from Smarter Balanced -
  2. CCSSM Sample items from PARCC -

Funny math test answers - just for a break:

Grading Assessments

Get help grading the tests/quizzes with these apps.

Flubaroo with Google Forms

Create your assessment using a Google Form and grade it easily with Flubaroo. Watch this video to learn about the benefits of Flubaroo!

Quick Key

Quick Key is a new and free iOS app that turns your iPhone into a bubble sheet scanner.
Quick Key has two parts to it that when combined make it very easy for you to quickly grade multiple choice and true/false quizzes.
  1. Here’s the basics of how it works; create your quiz on the Quick Key website then print and distribute a bubble sheet.
  2. After your students have completed the bubble sheet you simply scan the sheets with your iPhone (it works on iPads too, but the resolution is grainy) and the grading is done for you.
  3. From the app you can send grades to the classes that you have created on the Quick Key website. If you enter students’ email addresses in your class rosters on Quick Key, you can have grades emailed to students.


MasteryScan is a new iPad app from MasteryConnect that turns your iPad into a bubble sheet scanner.
  1. With the free iPad app installed just take a picture of a bubble sheet and MasteryScanner will quickly grade it for you.
  2. The grades will automatically synchronize with your online MasteryConnect account.
  3. To use MasteryScan you will need a MasteryConnect account. If you have a free MasteryConnect account, MasteryScan will grade up to ten questions at a time. If you have a paid MasteryConnect subscription then the MasteryScan app will grade up to 100 questions at a time.